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I will not support Showtime Network. They will not get 1 penny of our hard earned money.

"Our Cartoon President" makes a mockery of our POTUS and the United States of America, a. I cannot believe that Showtime cable network picked up this unpatriotic and revolting show. I encourage all those that love our great country and respect the office of the POTUS to drop Showtime as well. Please do not put your hard earned money into support of networks like Showtime.

Rather than just turning the channel, we are deciding to cancel this channel from our programming with Dish Network.

Thank you, Pissed Consumer, for providing a format for me to voice my grievance. Thank you for reading my post.

Product or Service Mentioned: Showtime Our Cartoon President Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well if supporting ALL of our rights is considered liberal. At what point is someone not allowed their constitutional protected rights considered PC?


DURPA're the one who needs to move to the island of liberals with the rest of your politically correct crowd of haters. Wake up.


So by your logic, you’re allowed to benefit from the first amendment but they are not? How very Stalin of you.

Perhaps you would be better off on your own little island. Get over yourself princess. Just stop. It doesn’t look very American to bash and condemn another American entity or citizen for exercising the very same right YOU are abusing.

It only goes to show YOUR FAILURE as both a human being and as a citizen. You may not like what they have to say but it’s their right to do so. You have the right to complain but NOT to condemn. By saying they should do as YOU want over their constitutionally protected rights shows you to be so very small.

It’s America bucket head not your personal kingdom. Your narrow mindedness is a sickness that you should address.

My grandparents and parents as well as yours fought to make this land great. Don’t destroy all they have done by being petty and small.


My provider gives me Showtime for free for a trial period, I will never pay for it. There like all the Hollywood elites, can't help themselves from forcing their liberal crap. Notice they never dissed bill or the crook Hillary.


Being called a cartoon is way too good for Trump the Incompetent.

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